TECNICA Promotes Training in Good Practices of Food Production and Quality Management System

TÉCNICA Engenheiros Consultores, Lda, through the Food and Process Engineering Department, conducted the courses "Good Practices of Food Production" and "Quality Management System (QMS)" from July 25th to 28th of this year.

The courses took place at TECNICA's headquarters in the City of Maputo and aimed to equip participants with knowledge about Quality Management Systems (QMS) and fundamental concepts of Food Hygiene and Safety, with the objective of providing quality services and products to the market.

The training sessions were delivered by experienced and certified consultants, namely Professor Doctor Maida Khan and Professor Doctor Isabel Guiamba, who led the Good Practices of Food Production course, and Dr. Fernando Cala, who guided the Quality Management System course, ISO 9001:2015.

During the Good Practices of Food Production course, participants acquired knowledge about proper handling and processing of food, including understanding chemical, physical, and microbiological hazards associated with food, as well as developing effective cleaning, recording, control, and disinfection programs in the food industry. The course also covered pest and vector management and control.

On the other hand, the Quality Management System course provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to gain a strong understanding of quality concepts and evolution, the reference terms of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, interpretation of quality management principles, and integration of QMS with other systems.

The courses were conducted using an interactive methodology, combining theoretical lessons with practical exercises, offering participants an enriching learning experience.

It's worth noting that the Food and Process Engineering Department represents TECNICA’s latest and strategic initiative in this specific sector. Its mission is to provide engineering services and technical assistance in production processes, quality control and management."